My Birthday Cupcakes


 I made my own birthday cupcakes! 🙂

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Soft Tuxedo Chip Cookies

Tuxedo Chip Cookies 6

You know you want one. These soft, puffy chocolate chip and white chocolate chip cookies are made with a secret ingredient: coconut oil. These black and white tuxedo cookies will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you wanting more.

Did you have a bad day? Make these cookies. Did you have a fantastic day? Make these cookies. Do you see where I’m going with this? Make these cookies!

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Mug Cakes


 This is the cutest, easiest dessert ever!

Mug Cakes from Food Network.

They are ready in 5 minutes, you don’t dirty any pans, and you don’t even have to turn on your oven.

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Oreo Lover’s Ice Cream Pie

DSCN1183 captionSometimes I make Tofu Lettuce Wraps… and sometimes I make this.

Yes, Oreo lovers all over the world, this ice cream pie belongs to you.

You need it in your life.

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