How I Learned to Manage my Time as a New Mom

I get asked pretty often how I manage my time with a baby. I am a new mom, and I don’t have it all down, but I have worked really hard since having my little boy to manage my days and make the most of my time with my husband, Tommy, and my son, Ben. Now that I am back to my full time job, I find it even more important to manage my time. I want to share a little about how our life with a baby has become a more happy and relaxed one. Since I am hosting a giveaway with Jord watches, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of the ways I manage my time as a new mom!

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So now for some of the ways I manage my time. I feel pretty confident in how far my husband and I have come from the first day we brought our beautiful and healthy baby boy home from the hospital. He had a head full of hair, an adorable little alien outfit on, and looked so small in what appeared to be a giant car seat. We were sleep deprived, emotional, nervous and in somewhat over our heads! Ben is five months old now. Those first days feel like an eternity ago, and also like they have flown by. I haven’t shared much at all about our labor & delivery story or about how we really struggled to find our way as new parents in the beginning, but to make a long story short… it was so hard!

So fast forward to a six-week-old baby Ben. He was growing and perfect, so loved by mom & dad, but also he didn’t sleep well and cried a lot because he was a gassy baby. (Yeah, gassy babies, apparently it’s a common thing, but no one ever warned us!) I was nursing around the clock… like all day. Our days were long guys, and our nights were even longer. The days all blended together, and we ate a whole lot of junky take out during that time. That is when I decided that I needed structure to my days, and that there had to be a better way of doing things that we just hadn’t figured out yet.  My husband was going back to work, and I knew that we needed a change.

After some research, I decided that I would read and follow the book, On Becoming Baby Wise by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam. I realized that I am someone who loves planning and schedules, but as a new mom I was not following any type of schedule. We were just kind of getting by. I am telling you right now that reading that book was one of the best decisions I could have made at that time, and I recommend it to all expecting parents. I don’t follow the book exactly, but for the most part I do. Tommy got on board, and we stuck to it. I made a schedule that we would try to follow more or less, and little by little things started getting easier for us.

I can’t explain the book, but I really recommend you read it if you have or will have a new baby. I wish I would have read it before I had Ben because it is extremely hard trying to read a book when you are sleep deprived with a newborn, but it is worth it. Basically, our baby follows the “Eat, Play, Sleep” method, and scheduling out our day according to the book  made it more predicable for me to know what he needed and when. It took a lot of consistency and effort on our part and some adjusting based on Ben. By the time he was about 10 weeks old it was paying off, and he was consistent with his schedule. I cannot even explain how much easier day to day life became. Ben was waking up at about the same time every day, eating at about the same times everyday, playing and napping at about the same times, following a bedtime routine at about the same time daily and he was gradually sleeping longer through the nights. We started to get our family routine going and found time and energy for lots more than before.  I was actually able to get myself ready, clean our home and cook which are all things I value and love doing too.

So, it’s not really a secret, but that is how I am able to get a lot done. I know when Ben needs to eat, when he is active and plays, and when he sleeps. We have a happy boy because my husband and I know what his needs are and when to meet them. (And of course, because we love him and give him hugs, kisses and tickles all day☺️) We can plan long family days out, and usually our days go well because even if we were out we mostly stick to his schedule. This routine has been amazing for our family! Again, if you need help managing your time with a baby, I cannot recommend this book enough.

Yes, so that is how I was able to begin managing my time as a new mama, and how I continue to manage my time as a working mama. Schedules are great, and they truly make me more productive and happier. I will continue managing my time daily and changing things up as needed in style with my Jord watch. I hope that you check out the Jord website and enter the giveaway. I’ll leave all the links below for you guys. I wish you luck! The winner will be chosen by Jord.

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