Blistered Brussels and Cauliflower, 100 Years of West Coast Flavors and More!

Living in Southern California means there is always good Mexican food around. One fact about me is that I love all my food saucy! The more sauce, salsa and dips the better. In this post I am sharing three tasty and saucy recipes I recreated from the makers of LA VICTORIA® Brand. Their salsas take on the bold and unique flavors of the West Coast, and I am loving them.

LA VICTORIA® is celebrating 100 years with exciting events in Los Angeles and San Diego which you can be a part of!

I am excited to be sponsored by LA VICTORIA® to recreate and shares recipes using their flavorful ingredients. I chose to buy the Thick n’ Chunky Salsa Verde, Salsa Brava Hot Sauce and the Green Taco Sauce, and I am absolutely in love with the Salsa Brava.

I love vegetables and eat a mostly vegetarian diet. This recipe for Blistered Brussels and Cauliflower is so unique with the tangy flavor that the salsa verde sauce adds. Find the original recipe on the LA VICTORIA® website. You can even make it vegan by leaving out the cheese like I did!

Also, on the West Coast, a good Mexican Breakfast Burrito is always available somewhere, but you can make your own at home too. Making your own is so much healthier and more affordable than buying them.

My husband loves breakfast burritos, so I wanted to make them for him. I used the Breakfast Burrito with Chorizo, Spinach, Green Chilis and Cotija Cheese recipe on the LA VICTORIA® site, but used soy chorizo to make the burritos totally vegetarian friendly. The burritos are topped with Green Taco Sauce and The Salsa Brava Hot Sauce which make them so mouth watering!

There are so many recipe ideas on the LA VICTORIA® site. Another one we loved was the Slow Cooker Black Bean Salsa Soup. I made it using pinto beans instead if black beans and also topped it with the Salsa Brava because, guys, I’m obsessed!

LA VICTORIA® has been creating their bold West Coast flavors since 1917. Their 100 Year Celebration events are for anyone who seeks new flavor experiences. The dining events, will be filled with culinary creations, music and art.

Check out the events in Los Angeles and San Diego and be a part of the celebration!

Post Updated 5/17/17 #100YearsOfLaVictoria #100YearSD #100YearLA #LaVictoriaBrand

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3 thoughts on “Blistered Brussels and Cauliflower, 100 Years of West Coast Flavors and More!

  1. Thank you for another hit! I poured a bottle of LA VICTORIA® THICK ‘N CHUNKY SALSA HOT over 2 chicken breasts in my crock pot and added sliced Mango (canned is good if you cannot find them fresh) then slow cooked it. I served this with “wild and long grain rice” and now my friends and family ask for “Mango Chicken” often. I first did this in Hawaii when we were visiting there, we picked up the mangoes off the ground (they were ripe and had fallen from the trees) and the residents said with a smile “take whatever you want”. Without the mango, any meat with a bottle of La Victoria salsa in the crock pot, delivers a flavorful and tender, slow cooked entree. Even the cheapest cut of meat is tender and flavorful with salsa and slow cooking!

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