Cheerios, our Cereal con Cariño and Quick Family Breakfast Story

My siblings and I grew up with two hard working parents, and as much as we loved my mom’s Mexican cooking of homemade flour tortillas or spicy chilaquiles with lots of melty cheese, that just wasn’t always possible for breakfast.

A lot of mornings our go to breakfast was cereal, and a family favorite has always been Cheerios. My parents showed us love and care because they made sure we always had a good breakfast. We always had cereal there, ready to go for a quick and satisfying meal.


 Having a big bowl of cereal was a more realistic way to start our days together. Cereal con Cariño is a great way of looking at cereal for breakfast with your family, because instead of rushing to cook a big breakfast on a busy morning, everyone can just sit together and enjoy each other’s company and conversation.

It was important to our parents that we got a healthy and filling breakfast before starting our day and heading off to school. Often we would chop up bananas or toss in berries if we wanted to be extra fancy like in the commercials!

Oh, and before I forget, at the bottom of this post I have a link for a video and coupons too, so remember to check it out.


 To this day, even the youngest member of our family, my sweet baby niece loves her Cheerios. Who cares if some of the Cheerios end up splattered all over her high chair, right? She loves them, and we love watching her be silly with her breakfast.

Watch our little family video here.


 Excuse me while I steal this perfectly ripe raspberry, tia!


Serving cereal continues to be a family breakfast tradition for us on busy mornings before work or on a lazy weekend morning. My husband and I look forward to continuing that quick and easy breakfast tradition with our own children in the future. This way we can enjoy more time with them and bonus, no pots or pans to wash! Because, who likes doing dishes? Not either of us.

Check out this link  for a video featuring Cereal con Cariño family traditions, and where you can get some awesome General Mills coupons for cereal and other great items. I know I’m all for saving money!


Check it out, guys, and let me know what your favorite quick and easy family breakfast traditions are.



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