Apple Picking in Oak Glen, California


  Today felt like a real fall day in Southern California.

Not only was the weather NOT in the 90’s finally, but I also went apple picking for the first time with my family. We visited Los Rios Rancho in Oak Glen and dived right into all things apple and all things fall. I mean, I even got to wear my favorite boots, so you know it was a good day.


Those are my mom’s hands and some of the first apples we got. The varieties they had available were: Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Rome Beauty and Golden Delicious. I may be forgetting one or two.  DSCN1272

  I love taking photos through the passenger seat of our car. I enjoy looking back and seeing the views from the perspective I had while first arriving. Our road trips usually go something like this: My husband is beside me leading the way, I am excitedly snapping away at the scenery and we are both taking in the new place we are about to explore.


 My family travels in small mobs! I think it’s funny, but it’s true. We love to do things in groups, and we have so much fun together. For this trip there were about 20 of us. Twenty of us just walking around, picking apples, laughing and taking photos.


 Can you see my dad? Yes, he is in the tree! I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed, but what can I say?  He loves to live life on the wild side.


 My husband being all manly and picking apples for me.

He loves me.


 Baby apples!


 I have a deep love for miniature sized things. They are just the cutest.

These were juicy, crisp and sweet too.


 Rows and rows of apples.


 There’s my baby sister. Okay, so she is a teenager.

She is still my baby sister though, and she was very proud of the apples she picked.


 I don’t know what this tool is called, but it was good for getting the apples that were high up.


 My family did not mess around. We picked a lot!

Thankful Collage

It was a beautiful day.


 My husband’s favorite apple is the Granny Smith. He found some perfect ones!

Tommy Picks Collage

 It was his first time picking apples too.


 Showing off some apples and taking in the mountain views.


 Once we finished in the orchards we walked down the road to a nice park and a couple of little stores.


Riley’s at Los Rios Rancho

It was very crowded inside and outside, but still nice. People getting their fall on.


 Apple cider samples. Yum.

Apple Goodies Collage

 My family left with plenty of fall goodies:

Giant apple pies, apple cider, apple crisp and an apple strudel.


We will definitely be back soon.

Oak Glen feels like you are in another world, an old fashioned place, but it’s just a short 25 minute drive from home for us. I am ready for fall.

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